Manik Bhan, DC


Dr. Manik Bhan is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto, and has been in practice for five years. He currently holds a certificate in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University, and is a Certified Active Release Techniques®(ART®) Provider. Prior to attending CMCC, Dr. Bhan earned an Honours Degree in Kinesiology from McMaster University, and acquired distinction as a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He has also taken post-graduate training in Kinesiotaping, Golf Performance Training, Functional Assessment of Sports Injuries, Advanced Acupuncture Needling Techniques, and Nutrition.

Dr. Bhan’s focus in practice is to understand and interpret the biomechanical dysfunctions within the body that lead to pain. Every patient has a unique set of conditions that leads to their discomfort, and deciphering this is essential to positive outcomes. Facilitating the body’s healing through specific treatment techniques and integrating them with individualized rehabilitative protocols is central to his practice. Patient education also becomes an essential component of this healing process, in that the patient becomes an active participant in improving their condition. Each patient is guided to effectively manage and prevent their condition from recurring in the future, and in doing so, optimize their performance in sport or daily activities.

Dr. Bhan’s diverse background and skill set allow him to administer this effective integrated treatment approach in the areas of acute and chronic pain management, acute injury care, functional training and rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, sport-specific personal training, and improving athletic performance. He has had tremendous success in assisting a wide variety of patients achieve a healthier, pain free lifestyle.